The summer after high school graduation has always been a time for wisdom teeth extraction surgery. When I was 18 in 1987, I had all 4 removed in one surgery which did result in lots of swelling and pain. My oral surgeon prescribed a heavy dose of Tylenol and ice packs. Within 7-10 days, I was back to normal.

30 years later, it was my daughters turn. In advance, her surgeon prescribed opioid painkillers and antibiotics as a proactive method of avoiding pain and infection. Both of these are fueling two of the most common abuses of prescription drugs. Overuse of antibiotics and Opioid addiction.

The concern is that just weeks before we send our children off to college away from home, we feed them Opioids and we don’t think twice about it. No one plans to be addicted to these medications that were prescribed by a trusted doctor. We have to question why our children need these to begin with. Opioid painkillers should be used as a last resort in pain management – not the first defense. After all, our children will survive a little pain just like we did. I found this article from to give you the facts.

Something equally important to understand is that often, weaning off of Opioids is as painful as the original pain you were trying to avoid. This confuses the mind and convinces it that more is needed…. The key to how easy it is to get caught into the addiction trap. Learn More

The Sunny Side: In preparation for her surgery, we froze 4 quart size bags filled with water. As soon as we got home, we put gloves on her hands and she held 2 of the bags on her cheeks…20 minutes on 20 minutes off, rotating with the other 2 frozen bags, for 8 -12 hours. Additionally, we gave her 800mg of Ibuprofen to help manage the inflammation and pain.

She was up and around within a few days and no worries about Opioid addiction.