During a recent conversation with a neighbor discussing how her family was politically divided, she made a comment about how the American flag has become symbolic of a Trump supporter. This really struck me because we have been flying a flag at our home long before President Trump chose to run for office. Do I really need to take down our flag so people don’t mistake me as a supporter?

The 50 stars on the flag represent the 50 states of the United States of America, and the 13 stripes represent the first states in the U.S., those thirteen British colonies that declared independence from the Kingdom of Great Britain.  It is a proud symbol of the freedom being fought to protect every day and of respect as a world power earned by generations before us. All Americans should be united on this and should proudly raise a flag to show that common ground.

Thinking back to 9/11, I recall a fierce unity in our country that I do not remember feeling prior and has lost its intensity since. Long ago, I learned that no matter how poorly someone speaks of their own family, no matter how divided they may appear, when an outsider threatens with speech or action, the family often unites against the outsider. Our country is no different but do we really need to wait for another horrific attack from the outside to unite us?

Raising the American flag is a simple way to show that, in the end, we are all American and despite our differences of opinion on how our country should be run, we are one family. This would be an important message to the rest of the world currently seizing on our division and reducing our power.

Keeping in mind that while we began to emerge as a powerful country after the Spanish-American war, it was not until after WWII that we earned the designation of a Superpower. As hard as we fought for that, we are too easily giving it, selling it, and letting it be stolen away. In the void of leadership, symbols of strength and conviction, others will rise to fill it.

So, join me in raising a U.S. flag. Let there be a United States Flag on every home, visible from any street corner, and proudly displayed as a symbol of our one common ground, united to fight for the freedoms we cherish and the country we love.

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