At first thought, this idea to immerse my valuable electronic in uncooked rice seemed like one thought up by a brilliant rice company marketing executive but desperate times often require desperate measures and what did I have to lose.

Last week, in the scurry to finalize the initial draft of this blog site, I accidentally knocked over my glass of water all across my laptop. Quickly, I powered it down and began feverishly shaking it to get as much water out of it as possible. Then, I place it on a cookie sheet and poured raw rice all over the keyboard area where the majority of the water landed. 

If you think about it further, it makes sense. As long as the electronics are off before water gets to it, it doesn’t short out which would be one of the initial causes of damage. Then the uncooked rice acts as a natural sponge absorbing any additional moisture in the surrounding areas. I left it over night and by morning, with my fingers crossed and a little prayer said, I brushed off the rice, blew out the dust with an air blower, and turned on the laptop. It worked. My laptop shows no signs of damage. Perhaps it never would have but I find that hard to believe.

In fact, several years ago, my daughter saved 2 Apple phones from disaster using the same trick. One was left outside overnight in the snow after a day of igloo making and the other was dropped, ever so briefly, into a toilet. For whatever reason, the moisture had not reached the electronic parts while it was on so the rice trick could do it’s magic. A 3rd experience we had with a mobile phone was not a success because we turned it back on too soon.

The SunnySide:  The next time you waterlog an electronic device, power down and cover it in uncooked rice for 12-24 hours. Fingers crossed you will have success! Always good to remember to back up all electronics because you never know when accidents may occur.