While I understand and agree with reducing single-use plastic straws in order to reduce consequences to our waters, I think it is important to remind us of why we started using straws to begin with.

When I was younger, we did not receive a straw when drinking at a restaurant. We also had human dishwashers who were responsible for making sure glasses were clean. When this position was replaced by sinks of detergent and machine dishwashers which do not clean as well, restaurants used straws to make sure everything was as sanitary as possible and the straw industry was happy to step in and solve the problem.

Recently, I have noticed that most restaurants and bars no longer offer straws but there has been no additional effort to ensure clean rimmed glasses. Drinkers beware. Check those glasses and demand clean ones. We can have sanitized, safe drinks without the investment of straws and damage to our waters, but effort is required.

The Sunny Side: Maybe there is an opportunity for another inventor to come up with a new solution to dirty glasses or straw alternatives.