Sandal time is arriving so you want to have healthy toenails. A winter of closed toed shoes and nylon tights may have left you with toenail fungus. Before you resort to expensive and often toxic remedies, try this home made option.

What you need:

  • Small container with a screw on cap.Needs to hold about 2 tablespoons.
  • 2 tbls Coconut Oil  
  • 1/8 tsp Tea Tree Oil
  • popsicle stick for stirring – optional – you can use any disposable stirrer

Coconut Oil is not only a great vehicle for this salve but it is also possesses antifungal properties. Tea Tree Oil has antifungal power in addition to anti inflammatory and antibacterial properties.

Combine these two wonders from earth, stir and store.

Apply 2 times a day. Massage into nail and cuticle area.  Use a cotton swab to prevent contamination of the contents of the jar – no double dipping. Within a couple of weeks you should see improvement. Continue as needed. Can also be used as a maintenance routine a couple of days a month to keep re-occurrence at bay. 

Best if applied to unpolished nail but if unavoidable, make sure you get the oil under the polished nail and all sides. May take longer but worth the effort.