I will post recipes periodically but I know it helps to get full menus so I will try to take the guesswork out of that for you and include details of what I serve together where possible. Colors, textures, flavors, and seasons are always considered.  I will include links to other sites for recipes that inspire me.


Party Cocktail – Red Sangria

Main Events:

– White Corn Chips & Tomato Salsa

– Tomato & Mozzarella Caprese Salad or Skewers

Yankee Doodle Macaroni Salad

– Black & Blue Burgers/Sliders (Beef, Turkey, Veggie or Chicken Breast)

Dessert: Red, White & Blue Trifle

Everyday Meal Menu – baseline for any day meals


– Enjoy an appetizer before dinner. Doesn’t have to be fancy and likely it’s something you always have around the house – try cheese and crackers with sliced apple or grapes. Perhaps veggies and hummus is more your speed.  I find this 15 minute treat before dinner helps change things up a bit and gives you some time to unwind together as a couple or family.  For an added treat, I like to stock up when I see a sale on Stuffed Clams in the freezer section of my grocery store and pull them out when the mood strikes. Explore your frozen section for goodies your family may enjoy now and then.

Main Event

– Making a weekday dinner does not have to require a lot of work. Because we are trying to reduce carbs, I try to always have zucchini (and I use a veggie noodle tool to make noodles) and cauliflower (for mashed cauliflower that gives the illusion of mashed potatoes without some of the guilt). 

During grill season it is easy because you can throw any protein on the grill with just a little salt and pepper, your favorite seasoning or a tasty marinade. Just keep it in your pantry and try new ones that sound good. 

Add a bag salad or make a fresh one. Don’t have dressing – no problem. Olive oil, lemon juice/vinegar, mustard, dash of salt and pepper. Shake it in a jar or whip it with a fork and serve.

Magically, you have dinner in 30 minutes or less.


– Don’t forget dessert. Greek plain yogurt with your favorite fruit, some granola and drizzle of honey is healthy disguised as decadent.