Knowledge is power so I will list links to organizations that I find helpful in providing us information. Like you, I have no way to be 100% sure of the accuracy of these sites but they appear to be accurate and informative. If you have any for me to explore, please share them with me and if appropriate, I will post.




  • League of Women Voters: US, Maryland, Howard County. Great NON-PARTISAN resource for educating yourself on the issues of the day, your local, state and national representatives, and all the election information you need when it is time to vote. Known most for their Voters Guide but I have discovered they are so much more. 

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  • IRS

  • The W-4 withholding calculator is more important than ever. For those who live in high state tax areas (usually blue states because they offer their citizens more services), the 2018 tax changes resulted in actually paying more taxes than you did the year prior because they took away deduction categories like state withholdings that would have resulted in a higher deduction than the standard. It was not just that you got more in your paychecks as the news media noted. The total of what was taken out of your checks plus what was paid on tax day was greater than the total amount the IRS kept the year prior.  Make sure you are prepared for 2019. Every state is different so do an online search for yours to ensure you have that covered too.