Amongst the celebrations of my 50 years of life in February, I had imagined a year of exciting opportunities, exploring possibilities for my career, traveling and experiencing life on the other side of 50. The whole point of starting was to provide me with an outlet to share my experiences, thoughts, and visions in hopes of inspiring, uplifting educating and continuing my journey among friends. 

I officially launched my blog at an event on May 8, 2019 and on May 9th, my next life tsunami started and the waves keep coming. 

I was able to write about my dog, Lilly and her battle with Vestibular disease which I hope anyone with an aging dog will read because our new family rule is to give her 72 hours to heal from anything before we decide “the time”. I shudder to think about others who were not as fortunate as us to have a knowledgeable and compassionate vet advise and educate us on the possibilities. Lilly has definitely shown me the power of a zest for life and the strength one has inside to survive and thrive when given the opportunity. Although at 15, she is still an old dog, she displays feelings of joy every day as she runs through the neighborhood with a hop in her step, greets us at the door with howls and wags, and occasionally picks up a toy for a few quick spurts. Unconditional love abounds.

On May 24th, the 2nd wave of my current life tsunami came and this time it was my aging father. During this nightmare I have yet to wake up from, I shared a bit but the all consuming nature and the rapid succession of the waves during this part of the storm were so intense that I could not muster the strength to develop the thoughts to share. Even knowing where to start was impossible because the life lessons and warnings have been immense. Although his path is still unclear, 6 months later, the breaks between the waves seem to be longer and my space for contemplation is expanded. Over the next few weeks, I plan to share my experiences in hopes of helping others who, inevitably, will find themselves on this journey now or in the future.

Signs of life getting back on track:

Before the chaos of the summer began, I was invited to record a podcast on resilience. I have just approved the edited version and am excited for it’s release. Stay tuned for the announcement of the big reveal.

I have also submitted to be a speaker for the Women of the World – Baltimore Conference. Even if I am not selected, I invite and encourage people to attend this powerful and motivational event on March 7, 2020. Bring your daughters, sisters, mothers and friends.

2019 is not over yet and I remain hopeful that my year will end with the same excitement and movement towards the future that I had originally planned.

Thank you for staying with me on this journey. Enjoy your holiday season – may it be filled with moments of joy, times of peace and surrounded by love.