Along with the beauty of spring and summer comes pesky ants. My husband loves plants and he brings the patio plants into our home every fall. As soon as the warm sunny days start in March, I see ants looking for my kitchen. Years ago, I learned this easy trick.

Depending on how much you need, you can use any unit of measure but I use tablespoons for small batches)

  • 1 part Borax
  • 3 parts sugar
  • warm water to make a paste
  • foil (you can use paper plates, plastic lids, or any container with low sides)

Combine the ingredients. Create a shallow pan with a piece of foil by folding the 4 sides and bending up just enough so the solution doesn’t spill on the floor. You don’t want the sides too high because you want the ants to find their way to the solution without restriction. Place the tray of solution near the trail of ants. I have a small dog so I place the solution where the dog cannot reach. (I have no idea what would happen if she got into it but I don’t want to find out.) If you watch, within an hour you will start to see hundreds of ants find their way to the tray. It seems counterintuitive because you are inviting more in but by morning, they all disappear. The ants take the poison back to the nest so the queen is killed as well. Easy clean up – just throw away the tray.  

NOTE: If you do not have success with this solution, it may be because your ants are not attracted to sugar so you can try adding peanut butter.

CAUTION: This is a recipe for poison.  Keep away from children and pets.