No one is saying the current American Care Act (ACA) is perfect or has been perfectly implemented.  As with all large-scale programs, it takes so much compromise, consideration and time to get launched to begin with.  By the time it is implemented, the act is not as initially intended and requires adjustments. It’s kind of like buying a man’s suit.  You pick a size close to your own and then make fine-tuned adjustments until it fits. While the seamstress is making the adjustments, you don’t suddenly decide to just throw away the entire suit because you didn’t like the store who sold it to you.

Everyone who knows me is well aware that I have big issues with today’s healthcare, and I blame it on insurance companies and us citizens for not demanding more.  But this issue is political which has no place in our healthcare.

We must have insurance in order to afford the cost of healthcare in The United States. I’m sure we can all agree, everyone should have equal access to good healthcare regardless of financial or wellness status.  The original point of ACA was to balance the need for healthcare for all, the corporations right to make money, and the need for people with pre-existing conditions (which likely means you) to not be blocked from access.  

The requirement for everyone to participate was to help increase the premium pool so that the averages could come down. Again, intentions were good but reality differed from expectations.

So, the current ACA maintains a basic premise as any healthcare program would but now should be adjusted to improve the access, the costs, and the care.  Instead, we continue to try to throw the entire thing away without a replacement.

  • Everyone should be angry that our representatives are fighting to remove something that 10 years ago we voted we wanted.  If every new administration undoes everything the previous administration, who was equally elected, implemented, this country will make no forward progress.  
  • With new, fresh, minds, let’s focus on fixing what isn’t working and stop pointing fingers and finding fault.  There is no benefit to all of the back and forth.
  • The current administration is saying that Republicans will be the healthcare party. Mind you, this is the same party who fought the Clinton administration to inhibit progress, and then in their 8 years during the Bush administration made little effort to implement a program. Later, the Obama administration had to push hard to finally get started on something that would work.  Sixteen years! What about all the people who died or lost their homes and financial security during that wasted time? What do we expect people to do If the ACA is eliminated with no immediate replacement? If the Republicans want to be the party of healthcare, I encourage them to start sharing their ideas to improve the system and begin implementation before this term is up. The middle doesn’t care who is the party of healthcare, we just care that we have solid healthcare for all who need it, when we need it.  

To remind you, most of us are only one tragedy away from needing help – divorce, death of a spouse, loss of job, downturn in the economy, can happen to anyone.  About ten years ago, I found myself without healthcare and no money to pay for annual check ups or preventative measures.  By the time I had missed a few dental appointments, I had gone from someone who only had ever filled one cavity to someone with a cracked crown and six teeth in need of fillings.

In addition, I was one of the initial candidates for ACA just in time for a needed hysterectomy.  I shudder to think what cancer would have grown and where it could have spread had I not been able to have that hysterectomy. Contrary to what I hear on the news, I did pay a premium for my insurance. It was just at a reduced rate that I could afford by scraping together the funds needed.

As for pre-existing conditions, let me remind you that there was a time that insurance companies could deny or significantly raise the rate for pre-existing conditions.  When given this option, they are incentivized to use it so if there is any question something on your file shows as a pre-existing condition, you have to prove otherwise in order to get affordable coverage.  I found myself fighting because of a false positive breast cancer exam. What if I wasn’t worldly enough to know how to fight this? What if during this fight I had no insurance and something else happened? Americans should expect more from our leaders and our insurance carriers.

As with all solutions, a little common sense and the elimination of politics and agenda goes a long way.

Demand more!  Find out who your representatives are and learn how to connect with them – write them today. League of Women Voters makes connecting with your leaders easy.