Her Stats

  • Born in Cape Canaveral, FL in 1969
  • Has one daughter born in 1999
  • Married her “Plan B” love of her life in 2013
  • Named Entrepreneur of the Year – Small Emerging Business, Frederick County MD in 2005
  • Honored as Daily Record Maryland Top 100 Women in 2016
  • 30 year career spans several industries – Banking, glass, computer components, publishing, beauty, management consulting, and logistics. 
  • Loves cooking, flea market digging, hacking with hubby and daughter, day drinking, throwing parties and spending time with friends and family.
  • Pet Peaves include people who sniffle and don’t blow their nose, drivers below the speed limit on highways (or anywhere really), people who leave the bathroom without washing their hands, when you wave someone to cross or let them out in front of you and they move slower than molasses, and surely many more you will read about in these posts. 🙂 
  • Dislikes are cooked carrots, germs, the smell of geraniums, cold food, dreary days, and a*#holes.
  • Challenges: the proper use of effect vs affect, always thinking something is lost – when in fact it is just misplaced, using old school typing with 2 spaces after a period rather than 1, keeping up with the technology of social media, exercising, closing the sale, and even more you will recognize from this blog.     



Her Guiding Principles

Some call them “Words to live by” or perhaps “Philosophies”. My husband calls them “Commandments” that he has customized and meditates to every morning to start the day off right. I call them Guiding Principles because that is what they do for me… they guide me in my decision making about my actions, my word choices, and my opinions. I share these with you to give you some perspective as you read my posts but also to challenge you to go through the practice of developing your own list. You might find it surprising. 

  1. Every action has a reaction
  2. Life is too short to waste it.  Live it.
  3. Have fun in everything you do.
  4. Control what you control.
  5. What’s the worst thing that can happen? 🙂 
  6. A mistake only occurs when you don’t learn from your errors.
  7. Think before you speak. (I work at this one)
  8. Life is for the living. (My father’s wisdom)
  9. Never say never.
  10. You can be/do/have anything you are willing to work for.
  11. Respect your elders and listen for their wisdom.
  12. Listen and hear others. (Thanks Colleen)
  13. 2 wrongs don’t make a right. (That’s a blast from childhood)
  14. If you are going to do something stupid, be smart about it.
  15. Everybody has a story.
  16. Life does not stand still.  If you are not moving forward, you are going backwards.
  17. To develop the most complete and successful solution, try presenting problems/challenges from the highest common factor .



Back-in-the-day, I would never have described myself as a risk taker but, resulting from nurture or nature or some combination I am unsure, clearly for me to live my fullest life, I take some pretty, somewhat calculated, leaps of faith. As you read my posts, please know that I recognize not everyone needs to be so bold to find their joyful, complete life. Often, small acts of bravery make significant adjustments that help you feel fulfilled or help you savor moments of joy just a bit more. Paint a bright color on a wall, wear a new outfit with a fun pattern, add a shiny bangle to your wrist, take a new route home from work just to see the scenery, or perhaps try a new menu item at your go-to restaurant. Whatever strikes you as reaching outside to create a feeling, an experience, a shift for yourself can be enough of a confidence boost to have a ripple effect across your world.

We create the life we have, it’s up to you to make it the life you want.




Special Shout Out

No adventure can ever begin without a team of helpers. Special thank you to Susan for your creative inspiration and cheerleading, Melissa for your backend help on the website technical components, Emma for your editing expertise, Evan for being my rock to lean on and soft place to land and all of my friends for encouragement, ideas, and insights.