Why 50andSunny

During my 20’s I was navigating how to be an adult. In my 30’s my life shifted into creating a family and building a career. My 40’s pushed me to free myself and find myself. Now, I am 50 and I finally have the opportunity just to BE and find my purpose.

Everybody has a story filled with storms and sunshine. My rollercoaster created times of devastation and of rainbows. My lifestyle blog is a passion project for me to explore and share thoughts, ideas, great finds, and inspirations.

Like all diamonds, I have many facets. On 50andSunny.com, you can find ideas for what’s for dinner or we can connect on stories of home & family or perhaps you will engage with me on bigger issues that impact the future of our children’s world.

As we embark on this journey together, I hope we can find connection, support and hope along with sharing some fun, laughter and maybe a few tears.



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